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Trust Your Certification and Testing Needs to an Experienced and Qualified Company

Cleanrooms Plus has the necessary experience and training to help you correctly certify and test your clean zone. We stay on top of the latest technologies by regularly attending specialized training seminars and importantly, we are active members of various industry trade associations including CETA.

CRP offers a full range of certification services, both those required by regulatory agencies and a number of additional services that ensure optimal conditions in your cleanroom/clean zone:

Certification Requirements:

  • Viable Air Sampling
  • Non-Viable Air Sampling/Particle Count
  • Filter Challenging Leak Tests
  • Air Volume/Air Velocity Tests
  • Room Pressurization Measurement
  • Smoke Studies

Optional Services:

  • Temperature/Humidity Measurements
  • Lighting Level Measurements
  • Sound Level Measurements
  • Parallelism Tests
  • Enclosure Integrity Tests

We are true experts in our field and will get the job done right the first time.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to schedule a visit to your facility.